The USA Shito-Kai is the American chapter of the World Shitoryu Karate Federation  (Shito-Kai) of Japan.

Our purpose and mission is to:

  • Promote Shitoryu founder Kenwa Mabuni's syllabus

  • Promote cooperation and interaction between clubs

  • Improve the general knowledge base.

  • Develop players, coaches and officials within the USA National Karate Federation

  • Field winning teams to World Shitoryu Federation Events



History Of World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation

  • March, 1934 The founder Kenwa Mabuni established Do-Jo, You Syu Kan in Osaka. He named Shito-Ryu after both of his teachers, Itosu Sensei and Higaonna Sensei.
  • March, 1939 Shito-Kai was registered at the headquarters of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. In July, Dai Nippon Karate-Do Kai started, later it changed its name to Japan Karate-Do Kai.
  • May, 1952 On the founder Kenwa Mabuni's death, Kenei Mabuni succeeded to the second head of Shito-Ryu.
  • November, 1960 Manzo Iwata became a president at Japan Karate-Do Kai Eastern Japan headquarters. At same time, Kenei Mabuni became a president at its Western Japan headquarters.
  • 1964 At the founder Kenwa Mabuni's 13th anniversary of death, All Japan Karate-Do Shito-Ryu Championship was held by united Eastern and Western headquarters. In same year, All Japan Karate-Do Federation was established and Shito-Ryu joined in the organization. On establishment of All Japan Karate-Do Federation Shito-Kai, Eiichi Tanaka became a president, Manzou Iwata and Kenei Mabuni became vice-presidents.
  • February 1st, 1980 On the president Eiichi Tanaka's death, its organization changed as follows; Kenei Mabuni as an honorary president, Manzou Iwata as a president and Sadachika Tsujikawa as a vice-president.
  • March 1993 World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation was established and the 1st Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Championship was held at Tokyo Budo Kan.
  • April 12th, 1997 Shito-Ryu head Do-Jo was completed in Asaka, Saitama.

USA Shito-Kai

  • 1991 USA Shito-Kai Chapter established by Leonel Perez of Miami, Florida.
  • 1997 Jeff Bedard of St Louis, Missouri establishes Midwestern regional center for Shito-Kai..

    2000 USA Shito-Kai fields team to World Shitoryu Championships (Tokyo, Japan)

  • 2001 Jeff Bedard becomes executive director for US Chapter
  • 2003 USA Shito-Kai fields team to World Shitoryu Championships (Moscow, Russia)
    (J. Bedard, N. Reeder, R. Anderson)

    2006 USA Shito-Kai Men's Kumite Team (L. Sanchez, R. Anderson, R. Brown,) earns bronze award plus individual bronze in Men's Kata (K. Sato) at WSKF World Championship (Tokyo, Japan)

    2009 USA Shito-Kai repeats bronze award for Men's Kumite Team (L. Sanchez, B. Hilliard, R. Brown, B. Oviatt) plus individual bronze in Men's Kata (L. Sanchez)  at WSKF World Championship (Beijing, China)

  • 2011 Organization changes. Shoko Sato becomes Chairman, Daisuke SatoVice-Chairman; Douglas Dennis president, Jeff Bedard is Secretary General.

    2012 USA Shito-Kai fields team to WSKF pan-American  Championship (Gatineau, Canada).
    Men's Adult Team Kumite - Bronze (B. Hilliard, J. McDaniel, G. Alfonso, R. Rodriguez)
    Men's Individual Kumite    (-75kg)    Gino Alfonso (Bronze)
                                                (-65kg)    Brian Hilliard (Gold)
    Men's Individual Kata    Jonathon McDaniel  (Fourth)
    Men's 18-20 Individual Kata    Rodolfo Rodriguez    (Bronze)
    Women's Individual Kumite    (-68kg)    Vanesa Diaz    (Bronze)

    2013 Midwestern region celebrates 15 year anniversary of activity in USA Shito-Kai organization

  • 2014 USA Shito-Kai represented at WSKF Pan American Championship in Cancun, Mexico.
    USA group dominates with over 30 medals in youth and adult catagories.

    2015 USA Shito-Kai (L. Sanchez) hosts pan-American Championship in Miami, Florida.
    U.S. wins adult men's team kumite and overall medal count

  • 2015 Organization Changes: Dr. Mario Perez becomes president. Frank Pugarita becomes Vice-President, Jeff Bedard resumes as Secretary General, Luis Sanchez becomes U.S. Technical Director

    Regional Directors remain: Frank Pugarita (North East), Jeff Bedard (Midwest), Luis Sanchez (Southeast) and will serve as attache' to PSKF Olympic service committee.

    Selection of Directors for Pacific and Southwest regions under consideration by Shoko Sato.

  • 2016 Monterrey, Mexico - USA Shito-Kai fields it's largest delegation in history to the 8th World Shitoryu Championship.
    • Men's Kumite Team earns bronze medal. (B. Hillard, D. Cabello, G. Alfonso, D. Sauceda, D. Ashrafian, R. James)
    • Individual awards:
      • Danny Cabello -60kg (Silver)
      • Brian Hilliard -67kg (Bronze)
      • Gino Alfonso -75kg (Silver) / Open kg (Silver)
      • Randall James -84kg (Bronze)
      • Davood Ashrafian +84kg (Gold)
    • Delegation staff members
      • President - Dr. Mario Perez
      • Secretary General - Jeff Bedard
      • Technical Director - Luis Sanchez
      • Team Coaches - Frank Pugarita, Monique Fields
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