Our Shitoryu brethren within these United States of America

The World Shitoryu Karate Federation (WSKF) Pan-American President Shoko Sato of Caracas, Venezuela encourages Shitoryu stylists to work in harmony while promoting the philosophies of Kenwa Mabuni and Shitoryu Karatedo throughout the Americas.

Open Door Policy

USA Shito-Kai policy is to extend our welcome to all Shitoryu athletes, coaches, and officials.

Opportunities are posted at this website that you may take action, and participate!

In order to assist you most efficiently, we ask that you begin by contacting our main office.
In this way we can better assure that your requests are satisfied in the most orderly and efficient way.

Please feel free to contact us directly via email at: usashitokai@gmail.com.

Or,  by phone at (618) 222-0623.