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Kyoshi Shoko Sato

WSKF - 8th Degree

President, Pan American Region
Chairman, USA Shito-Kai





USA Shito-Kai National Gashuku
Miami, Florida - May 18-20,

The USA Shito-Kai extends it's thanks and appreciation to Sensei Luis Sanchez, his dojo members, staff, and parents for hosting the 2018 USA Shito-Kai Gashuku featuring World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation Pan-American President Shoko Sato. As we have come to expect from the "Miami Crew", the event ran flawlessly, the beach location was beautiful, and the after-party was a really nice touch.

Sanchez led the group through warm-ups, speed, and beach conditioning drills. Sato emphasised traditional kihon and the performance of Ananko, Wanshu, Sanseiru, and Oi Demari Bassai. In attendance were several of the Maestros' longest time students from Venezuela.

At the annual board meeting; USA Shito-Kai president Mario Perez and the senior membership welcomed new members to the group. Dan grade applications were approved, the 2019 event schedule was discussed, and preparations for the 2019 WSKF World Championship in Tokyo, Japan were initiated.

Examinations for Dan grades were held Sunday, May 20th to a record number of applicants.

On behalf of the entire USA Shito-Kai membership, please accept our warmest thanks and appreciation for hosting such a wonderful event.

Jeff Bedard
Secretary General
USA Shito-Kai